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Running and Mind in Running

Sports still own several other effects, if we let these effects come true. For example, sports could make us understand the limits of manpower. Sports teach us to behavior in a honest manner, because sports never leave space for us to hide. In a word, it makes us know about personal flawlessness. Given sufficient respect and attention, sports would lead us to enjoy the fun.
These are what we can not acquire through sitting in the classroom. They are fragmentary knowledge aquired by Bannister’s “extra sensory” bit by bit. These knowledges are learnt with a great of efforts, therefore, they could be much more impressive and unforgetable. Joseph talked in the Leisure: The Basis of Culture that we don’t trust those awards coming from nothing and people enjoy those things that from struggles. Sportsmen are like puritans most, and they could feel satisfied because of the “hard work” in running.
Most runners have to keep their eyes on their steps. So they can seek out an efficient pace. If their minds are not concentrated, they can not run smoothly. Therefore, you must concentrate on your running race. NIKE FREE Run 2 Remind yourself to relax and to run smoothly.
Thingking about the hurt feeling from running is the easiest method to know the seemlingly contradictory phenomenon. It is avilable to eliminate the hurt feeling during running, but once you begin to look for methods to improve, pain would appear immediately. Let’s suppose that you are used to running 1 mile a day, and you want to increase the distance . Hence, one day you decide to run 2 miles. There is no doubt that you will make it come true, but it is very painful when you are going to the finihsing line. At that time, you would feel worse if you keep running. The hurt comes from the fight between mind and legs. Your brain asks your body to keep running, while your legs pray, “For God’s sake, let’s stop!”.
The level of hurt during running is controlled by the intensity between body and mind. If you plan to run only 2 miles, you can do it slowly and reduce the bad feeling. But if you don’t care about the pain and keep running terrible, that could be quite painful.
Some runners are good at running uphill, some runners are good at running downhill, and there are still some runners who are good at running on flat ground. Except your advantages, you need other extra efforts. So you can get a dominant position in the race. When you join the game first time, you will find that it is easiest to stand behind others. Maybe you will find that he can not constitute a danger to you. Certainly, you also want to surpass others. If possible, you should make him surprised and reveal him an authoritative look. Even if he accelerates himself, you need not feel discouraged.


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